Birthday Parties

Come and have your child's birthday party here at Silver Eagle.  Space will be provided for you to set up a cake, presents, and decorations (Nothing that would spook a horse, please!) for up to 2 hours and we provide the horses and instructor for rides!  $40 per Rider for an hour's ride time.  Larger groups will be split up and non-riders can paint horseshoes while they wait!

(Make reservations at least 2 weeks in advance.) 


Trailering, Trail Riding, Desensitization, and Jumping are just a few of the clinics held by our instructors throughout the year.  Prices vary - keep an eye out on our Events.

Trail Rides

Ride one of the SES Horses on our 42+ acres of trails.  (Must be cleared via Evaluation Lesson to take out horses unaccompanied by an Instructor.) 

$35 w/o Instructor per rider.

$50 - 60 w/ Instructor (Depends on number of riders) 

Call 703-594-4328 or email

to schedule your event or ask for more information.

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